Partner Restaurant:

Bar Restaurant Pizzeria “BARONI”

In vivo the Walk of Lido di Camaiore, 100 mt from the hotel, adjacent to the Sodini beach.
It is a guarantee of good qulita, variety of menu (meat, fish, pizza) and good value – price.


Restaurant Pizzeria “3D”

At 30 meters from the hotel, it offers a varied menu of meat, fish and pizza.
We recommend you try the different types of dough for the pizza: wholemeal and rye.



At the bathhouse Sodini (where you have 1 umbrella and 2 chairs)
At lunch prepared cold dishes, pasta dishes, salads, muffins, etc ..



Restaurants Fish:

Caffè Godot:

Much more than a coffee, is a refined and selected restaurant Walk of Lido di Camaiore, where
everything is studied in detail.
You can enjoy excellent fish, within a menu from selected raw materials.


Restaurant Massimo:

Typical of traditional Viareggina Environment excellent quality fish and generous portions.
For fans of the genre recommend the Cruditè, the most delicious and complete that you can find in Versilia.


Pivot sea bistrot

It ‘a seafood restaurant that fits in the kitchen viareggina tradition, but with a good menu and originality in the presentation of the dishes.
Environment very nice and original, impeccable service.
We recommend the seafood appetizers (5 courses are always different) and the Ravioli Pivot.


Meat Restaurant:


Uno dei ristoranti storici della zona.
One of the historical restaurants in the area.
A security if we want to MEAT !!!
Place rustic allìinterno a beautiful garden, where you can discover the flavors a bit ‘old with a modern twist.
We recommend the classic Tuscan Fiorentina … .. is exceptional !!!



Candalla Tavern:

The environment ismagical and fairytale ..
Housed in an old mill, at Candalla Tavern we start with an aperitif in a beach along the stream, candlelight … and you continue dining on one of the terraces of the peak mill on the river and immersed in the woods.
The Tuscan specialties, high quality and interpretation, are presented with creativity and elegance. Good wine list, The portions were generous.



Tre terrazze:

Restaurant with one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Versilia coast
In the village of Monteggiori, Versilia hills above: a place suspended in time and space, where we arrive just walk having parked the car immediately outside the historic core.

The menu is land and prefers traditional dishes, The flavors are absolutely genuine, the atmosphere is friendly and the staff friendly.



Pizzerie :


50 meters from the hotel, for lovers of the Neapolitan pizza .. In the menu there are other specialties of Neapolitan cuisine as croquettes, fried pizza and baba.



A special pizza made with a dough at high digestibility and with quality ingredients!
The peculiarity lies in the pursuit of truly captivating gourmet combinations! We recommend the burrata pizza, salmon and chives.
Price slightly higher than a normal pizza, but definitely OK!